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<sevanspowell> I need to setup user accounts on a NixOps deployed machine.
<sevanspowell> Up to this point I've been using systemd services to do this (essentially just fire once and execute some bash scripts).
<sevanspowell> Is there a better way to move items from the nix store to the user's home directory/execute bash scripts on inital deploy?
<sevanspowell> If not, any good guides on systemd? I have two identical services (other than in name and description). One works fine, another is 'loaded' but inactive (dead)
<clever> sevanspowell: sounds like a job for home-manager
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<davidtwco> Is there a way to make /run/keys available to users other than root? After nixpkgs#56255, nginx doesn't run anything as root, so can't access /run/keys.
<{^_^}> (by Izorkin, 49 weeks ago, merged): nginx: do not run anything as root
<davidtwco> Setting `deployment.keys.*.user` changes the perms but `/run/keys/` still isn't there for the other user.
<davidtwco> Nevermind, added nginx user to the keys group and that allowed them to access the `/run/keys` directory.
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