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<davidtwco> I have some questions about how nixops is normally used with bare metal hosts. My current plan is that I'd generate an ISO file that auto-installs with SSH and a user, then give that IP to `deployment.targetHost` in my physical configuration but I'm wondering what happens to options like `fileSystems.*` and `boot.loader.*` that I've got in my regular NixOS configurations. Ideally I want to avoid having a back and
<davidtwco> forth where I need to connect to the unprovisioned host to copy some configuration back before taking it over with nixops. Can someone clarify how this process normally works?
<gchristensen> davidtwco: ping me in 2h?
<davidtwco> sure thing
<gchristensen> thanks
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<davidtwco> gchristensen: ping
<gchristensen> can I delay that ping 1h? :x I forgot I have been punting off a week's worth of pings to apparent right about now :P
<davidtwco> sure
<davidtwco> gchristensen: ping
<gchristensen> hi
<gchristensen> with nixops you need to get the hardware-configuration.nix off the host and in to the nixops network
<gchristensen> the Hetzner and Packet (in development) backends do this automatically the first time you deploy to the host
<gchristensen> maybe it would be interesting to have generic support for this copying in the "none" backend
<gchristensen> the packet provisioner on startup SSHes tothe remote and fetches a system.nix generated file :
<gchristensen> happy to talk more in a bit
<davidtwco> I'm trying to introduce nixops at work (I've used NixOS personally for a while, but not nixops) and we're trialing it with one or two of our servers, so I'm just working out what the workflow would look like and what I need to do to set up that first host.
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<gchristensen> cool
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<gchristensen> maybe we could do a PM in another hour (heh, sorry...) and talk a bit more about it?
<davidtwco> sure
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