zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: Nixcon 2020 Online is happening!
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<nbathum> https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/3U54j2RpY5+9-Xf7r5IN96UP9TWxk1zhKinavWmHcZE/
<nbathum> thoughts on the conference experience, and a proposed schedule -- well at least, notion of where to center the time for each day
<puck> nbathum: quick nit, it's all-lowercase edef :p
<nbathum> my bad. thanks
<puck> will look more in detail later, was just about to go to bed :)
<nbathum> awesome. talk to you tomorrow
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<nbathum> should I break out the work complete or just leave that internal?
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<qyliss> nbathum: think that's the wrong link
<qyliss> you need to click on "share" and use that link
<qyliss> it's confusing
<qyliss> oh wait no it worked now
<qyliss> sorry
<nbathum> hrmm, okay, np
<qyliss> it was just slow
<qyliss> i'm too quick to assume the worst here because I'm always sending the wrong cryptpad links
<qyliss> nbathum: anyway, those notes LGTM
<nbathum> xD it had to decrypt all the bits
<nbathum> posted:
<zimbatm> are we meeting now qyliss ?
<puck> zimbatm: oh, you kinda missed it
<zimbatm> why didn't you ping me >-<
<puck> i considered it, then never did.. woops
<zimbatm> no worries
<zimbatm> did you make progress on how to track presence between rooms? I haven't seen that mentioned in the meeting notes.
<puck> we're planning on using a few bits for that, but haven't really made it work yet
<zimbatm> nbathum: updated the redirect of nixcon.org -> 2020
<nbathum> :+1:
<nbathum> is anyone interested in applying new styles/branding to the website? or know someone who might be interested?
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