zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2018 is over. See you next year! https://www.youtube.com/c/NixCon/ - https://nixos2018.org
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<zimbatm> goibhniu[m]: ping on the status of the video uploads :)
<flokli> there's currently 14 videos from nixcon 2018 (excluding the livestream ones)
<flokli> as for the slides, we thought about simply uploading them to the google drive, then editing the google calendar description and youtube links with a read-only share link to it
<fadenb> as someone who regularly runs into Google drive issues: Can we host them on e.g. github sites instead?
<fadenb> (or any other static file host)
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<flokli> fadenb: I'm not so sure about github quota issues, and unnecessarily bloating the git repo (although we could use git lfs)
<andi-> Quota is 1GB per repo IIRC so we surely don't have 1GB of slides?!?
<flokli> ah, I thought nixcon2018.org repo is simply reused from the year before
<flokli> and wanted to avoid carrying around slides from con to con
<flokli> well, then github might work too
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