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<aleph-> Question, how is builtins.fromTOML supposed to work? It just accepts a string right?
<aleph-> So `builtins.fromTOML (builtins.readFile /path/to/weechat.irc.conf)` should conceiveably work? Or is there a special way to read the ini file before passing to it?
<infinisil> aleph-: That's right
<infinisil> It takes a string
<aleph-> infinisil: Got it, trying to figure out what's breaking. Since it seems to not like the weechat toml format.
<aleph-> Bizzarely enough.
<infinisil> aleph-: You sure it's toml?
<infinisil> Could be just INI
<aleph-> Crud, yeah it's ini
<aleph-> I think
<aleph-> Any funcs available in nixpkgs for plain init format?
<infinisil> aleph-: Reading?
<infinisil> Nope
<aleph-> Alright, well there are some writing funcs. So I'll just convert it to json, convert that to nix expr and then I can easily write it out
<infinisil> Except it might not even be INI :P
<infinisil> I took a peak at weechat's source, and there's no mention of INI anywhere
<infinisil> Though it might be compatible with it
<aleph-> I think it might be compatible
<aleph-> Else I'm writing my own func to munge it :P