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<emmanuel`> Hello there!
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<emmanuel`> I was just to make sure that I have this idea correct in my head
<emmanuel`> If only use 1 attribute from an attribute set, I am not forcing the evalution of the entire attribute set? (Assuming of course, that the attribute is independent of the others)
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<infinisil> emmanuel`: Attribute sets are strict in keys, but lazy in values
<infinisil> So by accessing one value, you're forcing all attribute keys and only that value
<infinisil> > let attrs = { a = "a"; b = throw "b"; }; in attrs.a
<{^_^}> "a"
<infinisil> So this works, the value of b is not evaluated
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<emmanuel`> Ok, I ask this because I want to make sure that a particular build isn't initiated.
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