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<pie_> with should be able to take multiple arguments
<pie_> with a b;
<pie_> currently its interpreted as function appliction
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<puck> pie_: hrmm, interesting. with a // b would work, i guess? issue is backwards compat
<pie_> i guess
<pie_> actually
<puck> a property can be an attrset but also callable
<pie_> i guess its also a question what to do if there's conflicting names
<puck> yes
<puck> i mean, the way `with`'s scoping works is a language design crime either way
<pie_> and let doesnthave the collision problem because it just doesnt let you
<puck> about that lmao
<puck> oh wait those are attrsets.. close enough
<puck> rec { __overrides.a = 5; a = 7; } -> { a = 5; }
<pie_> is this messing with __ functions
<pie_> puck: what did you do?:P
<pie_> is this some kind of low level optimization operation
<puck> no, __overrides in a rec attrset is applied after static values, and before dynamic values, and iirc is Because Reasons which probably don't apply anymore
<puck> the good news is that i just realised you can freely import from a store path that isn't a derivation
<puck> i figured out a while back how i can store ~arbitrary amounts of data in nix side effects while staying relatively constant-time (abusing toFile and fileExists). and you can arbitrarily import from the file output
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<pie_> oooo....k im going to assume that is cool and funny because the implications are not immediately evident to me :P
<puck> you can cause side-effects, basically
<puck> also cross-nix-evaluation communication (in non-pure mode)
<puck> again, if you do this you're basically guaranteed to be overrun by velociraptors
<puck> but also it's kind of Fun to do
<pie_> so how are your velociraptors doing
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