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<infinisil> Hmm, can Nix have memory leaks?
<infinisil> Because memory leaks almost don't make any sense for a program that doesn't continuously run
<infinisil> But even then you can still have them
<infinisil> And the only other purely functional lazy language I know (Haskell) has problems with leaks
<infinisil> So maybe Nix could have problems too
<pie__> infinisil, you seem to be using a mismatched definition of memory leak
<infinisil> ?
<pie__> kind of just thinking aloud. are you talking about stuff like idk evaluating an infinite list, or accidentally queueing up thunks
<pie__> i think i heard a specific scenario where the latter is common
<pie__> but i cant remember the details
<pie__> so i guess the question is whether you can accumulate thunks?
<pie__> haskell but this looks pretty good, i should read it later
<samueldr> infinisil: the current implementation relies on a GC which might have issues with heap fragmentation (though unverified)
<samueldr> so, not sure it has the traditional leaks, it shouldn't from what I've been told, but there might be issues with memory use
<infinisil> samueldr: Even with a GC memory leaks can happen, as seen from Haskell
<infinisil> Hm
<infinisil> Or not?
<samueldr> yeah, definitely
<samueldr> I htink?
<samueldr> there is this branch that changes how allocations are done
<samueldr> oh, and ftr, when I say "might have issues with heap fragmentation", I'm talking about Too many heap sections: Increase MAXHINCR or MAX_HEAP_SECTS
<pie__> im pretty sure what i described is completely orthogonal to GC
<samueldr> plausible
<pie__> in what i described the objects are definitely not in the "expireable" category, they still have references
<samueldr> and I was saying it in an orthogonal fashion
<pie__> ok
<samueldr> if you were to observe memory use
<infinisil> pie__: That's a nice blog post, I'll have to read through it more carefully some time
<pie__> infinisil, seems like googling haskell thunk leak is entirely sufficient to get plenty of good resutls
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