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<ldlework> i will start to try to get people who I successfully evangelize to follow up with their experiences
<ldlework> so that i can compile that information to have something a bit more than my impressions to report
<samueldr> as for nix_os_ (not nix/nixpkgs) I have a friend with whom I will schedule soon an installation party (yay) with the express goal of looking over their shoulder where they fail
<samueldr> (kinda middle-ground linux experience)
<infinisil> Maybe this lack of documentation comes from the fact that #nixos has been very successful
<samueldr> it probably helps that *at least* the community is positive and helpful
<samueldr> I shudder at the thought of a nixos where the community is "RTFM noob"
<infinisil> Hmm I guess
<infinisil> But I'd like to link to the manual more often
<samueldr> I still try :)
<infinisil> There's things I just gotten to know by listening in on #nixos but couldn't find it anywhere in the docs
<gchristensen> same
<samueldr> part of "not knowing what's known but not written down"
<gchristensen> samueldr++ (wrt rtfm noobs)
<samueldr> no, DON'T rtfm noobs ;)
<ldlework> I want to say that #nixos is amazing
<samueldr> (I always feel bad when linking a manual entry to someone new in case they think I'm merely RTFMing)
<ldlework> I've been on Freenode for 15 years and #nixos is top-shelf with regard to how deep the help goes :)
<infinisil> 15 years? damn
<infinisil> I've only been here since I first started with Nix, which was like 16 months ago
<gchristensen> ldlework: same! (13yr) and #nixos' support and community is totally what drgged me in to the deep end. iirc my first week I was invited to fly to CA to represent NixOS at some Linux con :D
<ldlework> hehe
* infinisil closes his IRC client, because he can't learn anything while being distracted constantly by it
<ldlework> this is my favorite slide from my slideshow,
<ldlework> hehe
<ldlework> gchristensen: i remember when i first started learning nix, infinisil basically spent multiple hours each day for like three weeks just giving me a workshop in nix and nixlang
<ldlework> he basically single handedly taught me everything I needed to get going
<infinisil> Heh :P
<ldlework> other people contributed too, but i specifically remember infinisil going wayyyyyyyy out his way
<infinisil> Knowledge gets passed along. I remember clever and some other people teaching me lots on IRC :D
<gchristensen> :D
<clever> TLDR: amd's storeMI sucks, use ZFS :P
<gchristensen> his videos can be sometimes quite good, and sometimes just click-bait garbage and it makes me grumpy
* gchristensen watches thi sone
<clever> now to find out how to generate an AMI....
<gchristensen> the maintainer script does itif you want that
<clever> which one?, and i need to heavily modify it...
<clever> ah
<clever> nixos/maintainers
<clever> not nixpkgs/maintainers
<gchristensen> projects/nixpkgs/nixos/maintainers/scripts/ec2/
<clever> i want zfs on my ami .....
<clever> currently, its using make-disk-image.nix...
<clever> gchristensen: would a PR adding amazonImage.useZfs = true; be accepted here?
<clever> default false and no effective changes of course
<gchristensen> clever: I'd assume no, but would be happy to look at what you end up with
<gchristensen> it isn't so special to require editing the same file, it could happily live as a separate expression
<clever> yeah, it can always be a new file
<clever> and that file is so simple it could just be my own file outside of nixpkgs
<clever> the bulk of the changes would be a zfs variant of make-disk-image.nix anyways
<gchristensen> yea
<gchristensen> very interested in that :)
<clever> ive been wanting to use zfs snapshots for a number of reasons, but everything is managed via nixops...
<clever> oh yeah... auto-resize, this will be fun!
<clever> gchristensen: oh, thats an interesting bug, `runCommand {} ""` will complain about $src not being set
<clever> because the buildCommand is "", the bash if statement ignores it, and the stdenv takes over
<gchristensen> heh....
<kisik21> How to add Perl to $PATH via buildInputs?
<clever> buildInputs = [ perl ];
<kisik21> nope
<kisik21> already have perl in buildInputs
<kisik21> not working
<gchristensen> probably more of a #nixos question I think?
<kisik21> maybe, but nobody replies in #nixos
<kisik21> everyone is busy tinkering their configuration.nix files maybe?
<clever> kisik21: how is it not working?
<kisik21> bash: perl: command not found
<clever> kisik21: can you gist the whole nix file?
<clever> and the command you ran
<gchristensen> still better for #nixos -- it has 25x the # of people there.
<kisik21> sure, wait a minute
<clever> kisik21: why are you importing nixpkgs a 2nd time?, thats what buildPackages is for
<clever> gchristensen: having trouble seeing how qemu actually connects to $diskImage in make-disk-image.bix
<clever> enless...
<clever> yep, vmRunCommand uses $diskImage internally
<clever> and if anything happens to overwrite it, it just goes along with the value
<clever> gchristensen: and now a completely empty 5gig fidk image causes nix-daemon to horde cpu, as it checks it for references and updates the $out hash
<gchristensen> ugghhh haha
<clever> i could probably perform a DoS against ofborg by just running `truncate -s 10T` in a build :P
<clever> > lkl.meta.description
<{^_^}> "The Linux kernel as a library"
<clever> oh, nice, make-disk-image is using this to mount ext4 in userland
<clever> but it probably wont like zfs
<gchristensen> you could, that is why known users and trusted users are a thing :)
<gchristensen> ofborg isn't resistant to abuse
<clever> yeah
<clever> and the unmentional thing ive PM'd before, lol
<gchristensen> :)
<clever> why am i even mentioning it? lol
<clever> gchristensen: i'm guessing aws is still not using efi anywhere?
<clever> except maybe one of the new larger types that ive heard had nvme troubles?
<gchristensen> oh no idea, I've not seriously used AWS since I started using Packet :)
<clever> are the packet images ext4 or zfs?
<gchristensen> they were ZFS for a while but I switched them back to ext4 to match how Packet normally deploys
<clever> ah
<gchristensen> but it doesn't use disk images like AWS does, so i don't have a make-disk-image which would be helpful for you:)
<clever> The ZFS modules are not loaded.
<clever> ok, now to convince runInLinuxVM to load zfs...
<clever> ah, rootModules
<clever> but its in a tricky position...
<clever> (vmTools.override { rootModules = [ "zfs" ]; }).runInLinuxVM
<clever> gchristensen: and now it cant mount 9plan!
<gchristensen> :D
<clever> modprobe: FATAL: Module zfs not found in directory /nix/store/r4h3cbf952lqjakmm1d4rp72hzflq2a8-linux-4.14.54/lib/modules/4.14.54
<clever> system.modulesTree = [ kernel ] ++ config.boot.extraModulePackages;
<clever> kernel = modulesTree;
<clever> gchristensen: it also does not support out-of-tree modules!
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<clever> insmod: can't insert '/nix/store/7ybbcm0d1cqb39pjxjq4w57ssjyn18gy-kernel-modules-shrunk/lib/modules/4.14.54/extra/zfs/zfs.ko.xz': unknown symbol in module or invalid parameter
<clever> [ 0.243436] zfs: Unknown symbol zfs_ratelimit (err 0)
<clever> ah
<clever> zfs needs spl, which is in its own derivation
* infinisil nudges clever to #nixos-offtopic
<clever> and depmod just silently doesnt warn
<infinisil> Um, #nixos-chat
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<kisik21> > builtins
<{^_^}> { abort = <PRIMOP>; add = <PRIMOP>; addErrorContext = <PRIMOP>; all = <PRIMOP>; any = <PRIMOP>; attrNames = <PRIMOP>; attrValues = <PRIMOP>; baseNameOf = <PRIMOP>; builtins = { abort = <PRIMOP>; add =...
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