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<emily> is it expected that the installer doesn't set up darwin-config in NIX_PATH so you get "error: file 'darwin-config' was not found in the Nix search path (add it using $NIX_PATH or -I), at /nix/store/j0r69hhvjml9c64868wmp0q2p3g9fyfr-darwin/darwin/default.nix:1:40" when trying to switch?
<emily> (admittedly I didn't reboot)
<emily> also, the installer overwrites /etc/zprofile but doesn't do eval `/usr/libexec/path_helper -s` like the stock one on catalina does
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<LnL> is that with zsh enabled? the default might still be off
<LnL> path_helper is intentional, path is managed declaratively
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<abathur> has anyone successfully used nix-packaged valgrind on macOS? it looks like it builds/installs fine these days (haven't tried for some time...) but I get mmap errors on run like: valgrind: mmap-FIXED(0x7fff5f400000, 8388608) failed in UME (load_unixthread1) with error 22 (Invalid argument).
<emily> LnL: yep, zsh enabled. I didn't comment out the `environment.darwinConfig` line in the default config since it seemed to be optional, maybe that's why?
<emily> (also, I don't suppose anyone has gotten nix-darwin to work with flakes?)
<LnL> that's just if you want to change the default location
<LnL> I have played with it on a branch but nothing proper yet
<emily> ah, nice, the flakes branch didn't exist last time I checked ^^
<LnL> still just an experiment, I should take some time to look at how this works exactly for nixos
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<emily> does anyone use nix-darwin to manage third-party packaged GUI apps (as opposed to App Store stuff, or free software that might be packaged in nixpkgs)? or is it better to just use `brew cask` alongside to automate non-App Store GUI app binary installs? it seems like it'd be a fuss to write derivations for random dmgs out there but maybe it wouldn't be too hard to port similar helper functionality as cask has, if anyone has anything like that I'd be
<emily> interested in seeing
<ris> i use it to provide `gitk` and `git gui`, but i'm not interested in gui stuff on macos really
<ris> otherwise, that is
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<antifuchs> emily: I found a thing that generates a brewfile and installs the contents as an activation step. Works very well!
<antifuchs> It was in someone’s dotfiles, sorry I can’t be more specific (not at a computer atm)