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<pie_> benkolera, ooh i ma interested in this spacemacs stuff
<pie_> ah you just have it copy the file :) :p
<pie_> i have some code that makes it possible to have multiple (spac)emacs profiles with env vars but it needs more wokr
<pie_> and i need to get around to posting it somewhere...
<benkolera> pie_: from the spacemacs default, you've gotta separate out the custom stuff out of .spacemacs if you haven't already. But the most important thing as a beginner was that a home.file.[name]. recursive actually went and symlinked all the children rather than just symlinking a directory from the nix store (so that all the other mutable stuff that Emacs writes to .Emacs.d is okay).
<benkolera> Realistically, it's not actually the spacemacs stuff that is important (separately the custom out is pretty easy), but a highlight somewhere to newbies how awesomely helpful home.file.recursive is. :)
<pie_> ok i completely missed that
<pie_> i need to remember to take another look at this in a few days but im going to forget
<benkolera> pie_ If you want to write down a single thing somewhere, save this snippet. Note that there is nothing in here that will restart an emacs service after your .spacemacs or .emacs.d get updated, so you'd want some extra if you do that. :) https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/iHugycAS/